David Tatman, Jamie Freeman, and PJ Clarke met in an acting class in the summer of 2013.  They became instant friends, bonded by their mutual desire to create art. 


They began OffScript Productions with the intent to create their own content in order to gain experience and showcase their acting talent but quickly discovered the gratification of being on the other side of the camera as well.


Our Team

David Tatman owns a successful lobbying and association management firm called The Tatman Group.  One of his clients is the Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association, and after becoming interested in the industry through his work, he decided to try his hand at acting.


When OffScript Productions was formed, David realized that he also enjoys directing, cinematography, and editing.

Jamie Freeman has always been interested in acting and filmmaking. She

graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BFA in Film Production.


After working as a production assistant on several feature films, she decided to move into a more steady career and pursue acting and filmmaking as a hobby. 


That's when she met David and PJ!  Jamie has experience in, and enjoys almost all areas of filmmaking. 



PJ Clarke began her acting career as a background actor, but after taking a few

classes, she quickly moved her way up into principal roles.  She has starred in numerous

television commercials and films, and continues to hone her acting craft.


In addition to acting, PJ also helps out on the production side.  She has written several films, including Upgraded and Unconditional.

Our Crew

  We have a fantastic group of people who we work with from project to project.  We've all learned together from the ground up.  We are always looking for new crew members to join us.  If you are hard working and interested in learning about filmmaking, please feel free to contact us so we can find a place for you!