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Co Director:  David Tatman

Co Director:  Jamie Freeman

Genre: Documentary


Inside The Ring is a documentary film about one of the most successful boxing clubs in American amatuer boxing history. It is the story of Frank "Home" Girard and the champions he trained and the impact he had on their lives. 



Photo: Coach Frank 'Home' Girard

Directors:  Jamie Freeman, David Tatman

Screenwriter:  PJ Clarke

Genre:  Drama, Buddy Film


Created for the 2015 48 Hour Film Festival in New Orleans, Unconditional subverts the expecations of a traditional buddy film. 


Two friends reminisce in a bar, but things become serious when Jen's drinking gets out of hand.

Directors:  David Tatman, Jamie Freeman

Screenwriter:  PJ Clarke

Genre:  Sci-Fi, Drama


In a futuristic world where the government controls everything, people are recycled and repurposed for the betterment of society.


One young woman decides she's not okay with being Upgraded.

Director:  Tony Severio

Screenwriters:  Kay Landon, David Tatman

Genre:  Drama, Family


Astray is a short film created for the Louisiana Film Prize in 2014.


Ted Johnson is an advocate for animals, but he seems blinded when he encounters a homeless man in need of help.

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