Directors:  Jamie Freeman, David Tatman

Screenwriter:  PJ Clarke

Genre:  Drama, Buddy Film


Created for the 2015 48 Hour Film Festival in New Orleans, Unconditional subverts the expecations of a traditional buddy film. 


Two friends reminisce in a bar, but things become serious when Jen's drinking gets out of hand.

Directors:  David Tatman, Jamie Freeman

Screenwriter:  PJ Clarke

Genre:  Sci-Fi, Drama


In a futuristic world where the government controls everything, people are recycled and repurposed for the betterment of society.


One young woman decides she's not okay with being Upgraded.

Director:  Tony Severio

Screenwriters:  Kay Landon, David Tatman

Genre:  Drama, Family


Astray is a short film created for the Louisiana Film Prize in 2014.


Ted Johnson is an advocate for animals, but he seems blinded when he encounters a homeless man in need of help.